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Amir Atoufi is a postdoctoral research associate at DAMTP, the atmosphere-ocean dynamics group, and G. K. Batchelor Laboratory. He received his PhD from the University of Waterloo in the Fall of 2020, where he studied turbulence in stably stratified boundary layers. Here at DAMTP, he is involved in the ERC-funded project STAMP (Stratified Turbulence and Mixing Processes). Currently, he studies physical processes behind anti-diffusive layering in the stratified shear layers and how different these processes are in the estuary flows, straits and the open ocean. He also studies the interconnection between internal hydraulics and mixing properties in exchange flows.   


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  • Atoufi, A., Scott, K. A., & Waite, M. L. (2021), Kinetic energy cascade in stably stratified open-channel flows, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 925, A25.

  • Atoufi, A., Scott, K. A., & Waite, M. L. (2020). Characteristics of quasistationary near-wall turbulence subjected to strong stable stratification in open-channel flows. Physical Review Fluids 5, 64603.

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  • Atoufi, A., Fathali, M., & Lessani, B. (2015). Compressibility effects and turbulent kinetic energy exchange in temporal mixing layers. Journal of Turbulence, 16(7), 676–703.

  • Atoufi, A., Fathali, M., & Lessani, B. (2013). A-priori evaluations of subgrid-scale terms for large-eddy simulation of compressible turbulent flows. Journal of Turbulence, 14(7), 1–23.

Research Group

Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics




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