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Undergraduate and Postgraduate Study

The DAMTP home page provides information on Undergraduate and Postgraduate Study at the Faculty of Mathematics in Cambridge.

Undergraduate Study

The first three years of the mathematics undergraduate programme do not include courses dedicated to Atmospheric Dynamics. However, they do contain an in-depth exposition of fluid dynamics, as well as much material on techniques of applied mathematics, relevant to Atmospheric Dynamics.

Master of Mathematics / Master of Advanced Study
(Part III of the Mathematical Tripos)

This is a one-year Masters level course which can be taken either as the fourth year of a Cambridge undergraduate degree (for the MMath) or as a stand-alone one-year course by students who were undergraduates outside of Cambridge. Part III offers many lectures in the area of geophysical and environmental fluid dynamics. There are usually courses on atmosphere-ocean fluid dynamics, turbulence, mixing, transport, and other subjects that are particularly relevant to our work. Here is a link to this year's Part III Guide to Courses (pdf).


FDSE Summer School

The Fluid Dynamics of Sustainability and the Environment Summer School, is held in DAMTP and Ecole Polytechnique in alternating years. The programme consists of a series of core and guest lectures and hands-on laboratory experiments and computational projects.