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IGCM is the University of Reading Baroclinic primitive-equation model. It can be found online here.

A version ready for use on PCs is available, with libraries which need compiling, header files (replacing COMDECK), and a sample input file. (References to SGEMM in the code have been replaced by DGEMM so the code should be compiled with double precision).

The diagnostics package (IGFLUX) is also available (ready for use on PCs), using the same libraries as IGCM, and its own header files (part of PARAM1.h ought to be the same as for IGCM), and sample input file.

Documentation is available for IGCM and IGFLUX. Further details of output fields from IGFLUX is contained in this document. This can be obtained in separate chapters from here.



DIABLO is an open source direct numerical simulation (DNS) and large-eddy simulation (LES) package written by John Taylor and collaborators. The latest version can be obtained here.

DIABLO is written in Fortran 90 and MPI and makes use of the FFTW and HDF5 libraries.